Sump pumps

Does your basement require a sump pump as many do to stay dry?  If so, do you need some sort of backup system to keep it running?

I guess the question really comes down to how much is your basement worth?  This would include your personal contents, furnace, water heater and any finished items like floor covering and drywall to get the real number.

Battery backup systems are readily available but are not without their own set of issues. As most people quickly find out the maintenance cost of these systems are quite high as it doesn’t take long before the initial equipment cost is surpassed by the cost of replacing/maintaining the batteries. Unfortunately for a lot of people you don’t know the battery is bad until the sump pump needs to run when the power goes down.

Instead of investing a lot of money in a backup sump system why not just power your entire house with a whole house generator. This also protects your refrigerator, powers your lights and keeps your internet running.

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